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Manage Store

Once you have your card store set-up and running, and all the above steps completed, there are a few routine chores that will make your store a fun place for shoppers to visit. Here are the ones we'll discuss:

Arranging your Product gallery

First let's talk about how your product gallery is arranged. If you look in any given store (PICK ONE HERE), there are 3 ways cards are sorted; either by Popularity, Newest, or Artist Choice. Clicking any of the choices changes the current sort.

The Arrange Gallery page is found at Menu C3, third choice on the IMAGES & CARDS drop-down menu. What's shown is a complete set of pages of your cards arranged as thumbnails in positions numbered from 1 on up.

These view choices do not impact the stores. Stores display cards in 4 rows of 5 cards per page.

NOTE: For your first time, stick with the default Gallery View as you try out the various arrangement methods.

Arranging your Featured Cards gallery

The Featured Cards gallery is a special gallery that will be shown only on the first page of you store. To enable this gallery, go to Menu B3 and click the checkbox for this module called Featured Products. While there you might consider change this module's position by dragging and dropping it in a new position before hitting SAVE.

The Featured Cards gallery can hold up to 25 cards. Cards are added to the Featured Cards Gallery by simply clicking the Featured Yes/No option to Yes in a public card's Edit Box while in list view under the Manage Cards menu (C2). This is also a way you remove cards from the Featured Cards gallery, by clicking NO. Featured Cards are added in the next available location. Another method to add featured cards is to enter the Product ID numbers on the Featured Card page; menu C5.

To arrange Featured Cards, go to menu C5 (Featured Cards under main menu Images & Cards). Here you drag and drop the cards into the position desired. Drag a card by placing your cursor over the card and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the card to the new position and release the left mouse button. When satisfied with the new positioning of the cards, hit the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the page.

There is also a REMOVE ALL button on the page if you desire to clear the existing featured cards. This might come in handy such as after a holiday has passed where all of your featured cards were holiday types. The HOME button takes you back the Administrative Settings page.


Reviewing Favorited Cards

As card buyers shop they have the option of Favoriting cards they like for potential purchase later. They do this by clicking the small Heart Icon associates with the card. You can see which cards are being Favorited by clicking on Menu D2 (Reports & Analysis >> Favorited Cards). Shown will be a list of cards sorted by the number of times Favorited. The idea of this feature is to help you realize cards buyers liked and that might sell more actively if made more visible, such as being on page 1 of your store, perhaps. The favorites list can not be reset.



Manage Cards - edit cards once submitted.