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Your earnings report is found under the Admin menu --> Reports & Analysis --> Earnings and Payments.

This is a report of earnings you've made, orders you've placed, and payments you're received. The information is refreshed every 24 hours so it may not reflect same day sales.

The Earnings and Payments Report is made up of 3 sections:

Artist Commissions Table

Price Range of Cards Artist Commission Percentage*
$2.29 - $5.00 10%
$1.89 - $2.28 7.5%
$1.70 - $1.88 7.5%
$0.50 - $1.69 7.5%

Note: The artist discount code will calculate your own card purchases at $1.70 a card for up to 199 cards. At that price your artist fees are 7.5% (13 cents) so effectively your card price is $1.57. If you exceed the quarterly earnings bonus threshold (see below), your effective cost is $1.45.

The price of the card is based on the customer's order. If a customer orders a quantity of cards and/or is taking advantage of a discount, then the per card price could fall into any of the above ranges.

Here is the current card pricing for orders under 3000 cards:

Quantity Price Per Card
1 $3.50
2-4 $3.00
5 - 24 $2.79
25 - 49 $2.49
50 - 99 $2.29
100 - 199 $1.99
200 - 499 $1.79
500 - 999 $1.49
Over 1,000 $1.39

As you can see, the full 10% artist commission per card is maintained for orders up to 99 cards (without discounts applied), which covers the vast majority of orders.

Your sales as part of a large order

A normal single customer/single card purchase will cost the customer $3.50 of which the artist receives 10% ($0.35). It is common for customers to buy a higher quantity of cards in order to get a price discount. Quantity orders can involve more than one artist. In this case each will receive the same commission per card based on the price per card paid by the customer. This suggest you could sell quantity (1) and receive much less than $0.35 because your single card sale may have been part of a large quantity order. At first this might not seem fair, but since the customer is paying less per card, the reduction in profit per card is split roughly equally between the artists and GCU.

* Artist Commissions Quarterly Bonus (effective beginning July 1, 2013)

If your quarterly earnings exceed the quarterly threshold (the same for all artists), then a 100% bonus will be awarded to you for the quarter. The thresholds are $150 in earnings in Q1, Q2, and Q3, and $300 in Q4. The quarterly earnings include commissions on card sales as well as earnings from the Sell This Card, Widget related sales, and banner ads. The bonus is determined after the quarter is closed. Artists should be proactive to market their cards in each quarter in order to reach and maintain these thresholds.