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Artist FAQ


Where do the card buyers come from?

Card Approval

Is there an approval process?

If I have a question on a card going through the approval process what do I do?

Card Pricing

"Is there and Artist discount price?"

Cards (physical)

What about embellished cards?

Do you want my paper card inventory?

What will my cards look like?

What size are the cards and what paper do you use?


What is Powered by BigDates-Solutions?


Does it cost anything?

How much money will I earn?

How will my fees be paid?

Who collects payment from the customer?

Are there quantity discounts?

Can I use my earnings to buy cards?


What are the file format specifications for uploading card images?

Do you have any tools to help me prepare my image properly?


Is it easy to set up my cards?

What if I need help getting set up?

I don't want an online store, can I still join?

How are orders fulfilled and cards printed?

Can I cancel my account?


Can I order my own cards for my own use?

Is there an Aritst Discount?

How do I utilize my Free Card Credit?

The first has your credit automatically applied, the latter requires you to click to apply.


What happened to profiling?


"What do I do if I notice a quality problem with my cards?"


Do I keep the rights to my images?


What precautions have you taken to protect my images?


How do I know how much traffic my store and cards are getting?

Is there a limit to the number of cards I can offer?

Terms and Conditions

What are your terms and conditions of service?

What are my image responsibilities?

Some guidelines to follow:

A minor under the age of eighteen (18) where the face is recognizable - such release is needed from their parent or guardian An adult where the face is recognizable and the photo was taken at a non-public event, such as someone walking down the street - such release is needed from that person

This applies to any brand names & images, sporting team names, logos & images, famous people and their likenesses even in caricature and more.

For example: Musicians - Janis Joplin, Elvis, etc. Actors/Celebrities - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, etc. Sporting Teams - NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, etc. Vehicles - Ferrari, VW, Harley Davidson, etc Brands - Dos Equis, Ghirardelli, etc.

Similarly this applies to keywords of the same nature that would produce unauthorized and misleading search results.

Note, vehicle manufacturers have protectable trade dress rights in the distinctive shapes of their vehicles. The unique exterior design and shape of the vehicle is their `mark’ or `trade dress' which distinguish the vehicle's exterior shape not simply as distinctively attractive designs, but as the Manufacturer’s creations. This “trade dress” right bars the use of any silhouette, picture, caricature, or reproduction of the shape or appearance of the Manufacturer’s vehicle.

What are your Adult Content guidelines?

What should I do if another artist is misusing my original creative works?


How will buyers find my cards?

How do my cards get suggested?

On which sites will my cards be offered?

When do my cards appear on these other sites?

How can I increase my cards exposure?

Advanced Artist FAQs

What is the review time for cards and why do I see some approved ahead of mine that were submitted later?

It varies but it can be up to a 4-6 weeks during some periods. Here are some reasons you may see cards reviewed out of product id sequence:
1) We see nearly 1,000 new cards a day so a disparity of 1,000 cards is literally all in a day's work
2) Large collections per artist, a collection of like cards submitted by an artist is typically spread out across product id numbers BUT, for efficiency's sake, are reviewed at the same time so similar corrections can be addressed vs. skipping back and forth to other cards (often these come by the 100's)
3) FastTrack and Star Submitter cards jump to the head of the line
4) FastTrack Bypass Review cards bypass the review line
5) New artists get their 1st card automatically reviewed when submitted via the getting started wizard
6) some cards get temporarily skipped while reviewers confer or ask for new categories to be created

As more new artists join as well as the number of new cards created grows we are experiencing longer review times (up to 7 days recently) we are looking at ways to improve the review process and make it easier for reviewers and artists alike.

What is the story about the use on artist widgets and Card Seller widgets?

As an artist you can create one widget to promote your cards and potentially make more money. If you also want to be a card seller, you need a separate account with a separate email address. The card seller widget is not store specific and is independent of the one you have as an artist. If you make changes to a widget, then this widget will immediately change on the websites it is posted on. This is helpful as you will not have to have the website owner make any changes. You can change any of your widgets at any time. We cannot combine an artist account with a card seller account at this time. You will collect fees and be paid separately for each.

Can I add simple HTML and external hyperlinks to some of my store modules, such as the artist profile and welcome modules?

Yes, but be aware that care must be taken for your modified store page to load properly on all the browsers in the marketplace. We work very hard to assure that the standard GCU store pages work across many computing platforms. We will not be able to assist you in making any of these custom modifications work. As for external links, this is not prohibited but many artists believe it is wiser to keep shoppers in your store so that they will buy cards rather than be tempted to click-out to another site. We do reserve the right to remove any links you create if we judge them to be inappropriate.

I accidently made a card a Private card and I wanted it to be a public card. What should I do?

If you catch it right away before making your next card, just delete the first card and create the second one properly. If you find this out later, you can send an email to the card review team and asked that the card be changed. We prefer you do this rather than make a post in the Forum. The address is

I would like one of my cards moved to a different category. What should I do?

Send an email to the card review team and asked that the card be moved. The address is

I have a custom card request. What is the best way to proceed?

If the direction is clear in the request you can do the work and email the shopper a link to the card in your private gallery. You certainly can contact them before you start to make sure you understand their needs. Time is generally important in order to make a sale. Shoppers have many options so doing your best to satisfy their needs in a timely manner is the best plan. Once the initial card is in your private gallery you can have them review it and if changes are needed, you still have the ability to change the card until they are happy. Maintaining contact with them is important. Be aware that some shoppers may not buy even after you have done everything they've asked. Hopefully this will be the exception rather than the rule.

I don't know where my Private Gallery is?

You need to enable the Private Gallery by going to the Store Layout and Content page under the Look and Design menu on your Administration page. Simply click the enable box for the Private gallery module and then it will appear in your store.

Is it OK to delete the images in the card upload page? Should I?

Once the card is created (i.e.: submitted) you can delete the image from the upload page. This is not required however. In March 2010 a new LINK was added to your upload page to allow you to do a bulk delete of all you uploaded images.

Can I also be a Card Seller of individual GCU cards and receive the Card Seller commission?

Yes! In March 2010 a new Dollar Sign icon was added under all GCU thumbnail images for artists that are logged in. By clicking this icon a pop-up appears which provides the card link code and HTML image code. Both include your artist ID code. You can cut and paste the text link to use in blogs and emails. You can also post the image link code on websites and in blogs. Exactly like the widget, you will be credited 50 cents for each card sold to this shopper over the next 30 days, up to $25 per order, unless the cookie on their PC gets erased or overwritten by another card seller's cookie. This shopper must not be a current GCU member. This is a great way to add to your artist income. See Sell this Card.

Can I place Google Analytics or Statcounter code in my store code so I can track visits?

Yes. If you sign-up for these tracking services they provide code that you can cut and paste into the header text field located under Look and Design>>Store Settings.

How do cards move up in popularity?

It's a formula that takes into account how long the card has been around, number of clicks, number of sales, number of times it has been favorited, number of times it has been in a shopper's cart, number of reviews, number of times customized, number of times it has been a GCU pick, and so forth. It is not easy to tell from day to day why a particular card moves up or down as its position is also relative to the popularity of adjacent cards.

What is the default store sort for shoppers as I'd like them to always see the Artist Choice sort when they first visit?

Artist choice is the default sort shoppers will see, however, if they change it to Newest or Most popular for themselves and leave the store, they will see that Sort in all the subsequent stores they visit too unless they change it back to one of the other sorts. The Sort follows the shopper. If a second shopper comes into your store, and they haven't been anywhere else, they will see the default sort - Artist choice.