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Tips and Tricks

Just a loose collection of ideas from artists ...


1. Use care to avoid misleading descriptions: Please avoid the use of descriptive words that may be misleading to the shopper giving them the incorrect impression that the texture or physical elements of the card/paper are tangible and real 3D effects vs. digital effects. For example: embossed, handmade, foil, etc. Consider wording more clearly like: embossed-look, embossed-like, handmade-effect, etc. You can also describe the effects more clearly in your Artist's Notes section.


Popular greeting cards share some common attributes. As you design your cards, strive to achieve these aspects:
1. Have a Purpose - Target a specific occasion with a well matched image and verse. The card must speak to the category it is in.


1. STORE BOUGHT CARDS - Do not scan and upload a store-bought greeting card image. This is illegal and will be declined. Only upload your original artwork and verses.
2. PHOTO OF CARD - Do not upload a photo of a card or of your artwork. You must upload the image front. All card orders are printed on demand, we do not inventory any cards. So the actual image that you upload will print on the front cover of the card.
3. TABU LIST - many words and phrases cannot be used as they are protected copyright/trademark items. Examples are Hersey kisses, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, We bring good things to life, etc. If in doubt, don't use words or phrases that could be protected. It is best to use your own words and phrases to avoid legal issues. See Tabu Information
4. URLs on IMAGES - URLs are not allowed on images, in verses, in Artist notes, or in the Image Credits. The only URL allowed is one to your GCU store in your Artist Notes.
5. CLIPART - Most clipart, backgrounds, and textures found on the internet and even included in graphics programs are not licensed for commercial use, which includes your GCU greeting card. PLEASE AVOID USE OF CLIPART or any artistic item that you have not created or do not have the rights to use. You place yourself and GCU in legal jeopardy. Here is the description in the GCU terms and conditions that you need to be aware of:

General Notice to All Artists - Your Image Responsibilities - By submitting this image you, the Artist, represent to have complete rights or permission to use/sell this image. It is your responsibility to insure that this image does not infringe on the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, trade dress, right of publicity or other legal right of any third party. GCUniverse reviews cards for image quality and appropriateness. GCUniverse does not research nor decide upon legal rights of Artists' images.

In respect to clip art, stock and royalty free images, it is your responsibility to insure that you have the proper permission or license for commercial use of the image in this manner, for resale on paper greeting cards.

As in the T&C's, GCUniverse does not tolerate the copying of another artist's creative work, which includes art, image and verse. If it's not your idea, artwork, or unique verse, don't use it. GCUniverse reserves the right to terminate an artist who violates these conditions from using our site and services.



Artist Corrie Kuiper's GCU Tips page