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Creating Cards


At GCU it's called CREATE a CARD. The process includes:

1. PREPARE - prepare your image art consistent with the image and file requirements above
2. CREATE - go to MENU C1 and select Create a Card
3. UPLOAD - upload file(s) to an area referred to as your upload area or upload space
4. SELECT - select a an image from the upload area
5. DETAILS - enter information in the provided spaces
6. INSIDE TEXT - add inner verse


Step 2: CREATE

Video available at GCU University

Step 3: UPLOAD

Strive to achieve BEST level image quality.

NOTE: Images in you upload area can be deleted once you have created your card, though deleting uploaded images is not required. IMPORTANT - Never upload a store bought greeting card front that you have scanned. This is illegal and will be declined. Use only your original work that you have created and have the rights to. IMPORTANT - URLs are not allowed on images, in verses, in Artist notes, or in the Image Credits. The only URL allowed in the Artist Notes field is your GCU storefront URL. You are welcome to put any URL on your storefront.

Step 4: SELECT


The Card Image Detail page is where you enter all the data for the card other than then inside text.



When all of the information is ready, proceed to the next step by clicking the Red NEXT button.


The Card Inside Text page allows you to enter an inside verse. There are 3 inside panes that can contain text. The artist is only able to enter text in the pane reserved for the normal verse. If you wish to have the inside blank simple click SKIP in the lower right corner of the page. To add a verse, click on the pane marked Click here for edit.\

Upon hitting SAVE, the entered text is shown as it will appear on the printed card. If you need to make changes, click the text pane again until you are happy with the final look. A Larger View link is also provided is you need a closer view.

Congratulations! - YOU'VE MADE YOUR FIRST CARD!

NOTE: Like some of the information from the Card Details Page that is carried over to the next card, so is the inside text. This will be discussed in the next section.

The Review Process

Adding Cards


Creating Custom cards

Manage Cards - edit cards once submitted