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GCU Card Approvals

GCU reviews all submitted cards for sale to the public. This is to assure that each cards meet technical, grammar, spelling, categorization, reuse, legal, and related rules. GCU has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so it is important that all cards for sale are error-free. We have also found that shoppers do not return to shop if they encounter products with errors in them. Please do your part to create cards that are error-free.

TIP: - Because of the review cycle, design cards targeted for occasion and holidays several months in advance, such as finishing your Christmas cards in August. This provides time for these new cards to be approved and adequate time for search engines like Google and Yahoo to be able to index them. Don't wait to the last minute.


Nothing drives shoppers away quicker than cards with errors in them. We review every card as a final check before it is approved for sale. What must be emphasized is that this is not a check to find errors artists are smart enough not to make! These include:

1. BLEED AREA and CENTERING - use the template!
2. SPELLING/TYPOs - no excuses right? Check your typing and use the spellchecker for the inside verse!
3. GRAMMAR - if you are not sure, solicit help from family and friends. Reviewers are not here to correct your grammar.
4. PUNCTUATION - plenty of resources online to get it right before you submit.
5. CATEGORIES - select the ones you know are appropriate and that you can rightly use.
6. RIGHTS - don't submit cards that contain art and/or verses that you do not have the legal right to sell

Cards with errors will be returned for edits if the errors are detected. Please double-check your work before you submit each and every card.

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