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This section covers the business side of your card operation. There is a variety of topic areas addressed here:

Setting up your Account

Go to Menu A1 and fill in the required information. It's pretty straight forward.

Administrative Settings Page

This page is tour base summary page listing recent news and activities. It includes:

Store Report

This is a daily report summary of store visits, card clicks, card reviews, cards sold, and commissions earned.

You get to the Store Report page as the first selection under the Reports & Analysis menu. The information in the table is self-explanatory. The one key aspect is the Select Date Range in the left sidebar area. This by default shows the last 90 calendar days and so the data in the TOTALS line will be for this range. You can adjust the range and click UPDATE to get totals for the specified period.

Other pages in the Store Report (using the left-side menu):

Other ADMIN pages:

Earnings and Payments Report - A report of earnings you've made, orders you've placed, and payments you're received.

Card Categories Report - A list of all current categories and how many of your cards you have in each.

Top Selling Categories Report - A list of total cards sold in the last 30 days by category.

Traffic Analytics Report - A list of search engine keywords used by shoppers coming from the internet.

Card Details Export Report - A spreadsheet file containing all of the details of your approved cards.