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GCU Community

GCU supports a variety of ways for artist to share the experience of card creation and selling. These include social networking and tools for marketing your cards.

The GCU Forum

The GCU Forum is the webpage where artists can communicate with each other and with the GCU support staff. Visit the page and see what topics are active in each thread.

Some common Forum activities:

Other FORUM features:
1. Notification of new posts in a topic - enable and disable using the Notification of Replies link at the top bar of a thread.
2. Search - use the Advance Search tool to find one or more topics of interest. There are options for phrase type and filters for thread and time period.
3. Forum Messaging - you can send messages to other Forum users by clicking on their name-link (i.e.: Mary_133220) to see their profile page. On the profile page you can send them a message. Watch the top of the forum page to see if anyone has sent you a message.

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