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Intellectual Property and Image Rights!

Tabu Information

Many words, phrases, quotes, song titles, song lyrics, movie titles, and the like, can not be used as they are protected in one way or another.

Trademark infringement - in laymen's terms - is basically when someone uses your trademark, or one similar to it, so as to create confusion as to his association with the trademark owner or product/service which the trademark represents. This can include lines of dilution which blurs or tarnishes the owners mark.

The number of protected names and phrases is too long to list but here are a few areas to keep in mind. Avoid these areas and other similar areas in your designs. If in doubt, leave it out!

1. Brands/Images/Marks - These include ones like A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous for instance. See A.A.Link. [Link]. Forum AA/NA discussion:[Link] Here is a link that discusses Generic names like Crock Pot [Link]. Others (examples):

2. Phrases/Taglines

3. Figurines/Collectibles/Toys (examples)

4. Song lyrics (examples)

5. Poems - Terms of use see: [Link]

6. Bible/Scripture - Use the King James version as it is in the public domain.

7. Brushes - Do not use brushes that are not authorized for commercial use. If you do use brushes authorized for commercial use you must adhere to the original artist's Terms of Use (TOU) and the GCU Submission Guidelines. Be aware that URLs are not allowed in Artist Notes. Some brush designers, such as on the popular Deviant Art site, require that you have to give them credit in the art itself in some way rather than just in the notes. There are also good tips in the GCU Community blog on how to give credit for commercial use items. . [Link1] [Link2] [Link3]