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Creating Cards

Wow, can you believe you're here? You're well on your way to sharing your art and writing with the world! GCU greeting cards are becoming more popular each day and the rate of growth of sales is significant. If you devote time and attention to making attractive and competitive cards, this venue can be very rewarding.


Review the Bleed Area - you should have read this already but if not, read this first.


A card template is available to aid you in your layout work. This template is a layer that you place over your 5x7 or 7x5 image in your graphics program to identifies the edges of the bleed area. Before finalizing your file, hide or delete this layer so that it does not appear in your final image.

There is one template for portrait cards and one for landscape cards. They are available together in one ZIP file located at Menu C7 - Images & Cards Download Card Template. When you click this link, a file download pop-up window will surface allowing you to chose either OPEN or SAVE the file. If you hit OPEN the file will be downloaded and stored in a temporary directory for you to save in another directory or to open. By selecting SAVE from the pop-up window the ZIP file will be downloaded to a directory you select. Once download, extract the 2 templates to a directory you regularly used to do you graphics work.

The card templates are photoshop files (.psd). This format can also be imported into other graphics programs such as Corel Paint Shop Pro. You can also create your own using the 2 images below (click to see, right click to Save-Target-As).

Landscape template as a png file

Portrait template as a png file

NOTE: Any cards you create will be reviewed prior to approval. Reviewers will ask you to resubmit cards where text or critical parts of your art are too near or in the bleed area. Take care to layout your work carefully.

There is also a PRINT/MARGIN Preview tool under Menu C8 that you can use to review the bleed area on any card. This tool can only be used on submitted cards, but it is a good thing to use once you have submitted a card if you are unsure about the bleed area. There is also a link under each card in the LIST view that allows you to review the bleed area directly as well.

Now let's CREATE a CARD!


Creating Custom cards

Manage Cards - edit cards once submitted