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GCU Card Details Page Basics

Every card has a CARD DETAILS page. (EXAMPLE) On this page the specific details of the card are shown including views, artist information, and artist notes. It is here where a Card Buyer generally makes their decision to "Add to Cart." They also have the option to add or modify the inside verse here too. Once you create a card and have it approved, it is a good idea to find its card details page to make sure all is as you expected it to be. Sometimes there are slight adjustments you may desire to make, such as spacing of text inn the inner verse or adding artist notes about the card.

Looking at the (EXAMPLE) page, most times thumbnail images of other cards are shown. These cards are not always the same set as they are selected based on variety of factors. The purpose of presenting other card choices is to allow the Card Buyer to easily review related cards to the main card without actually leaving the current page.

The upper left area on each card details page indicates the card title and the categories where the card resides. Most cards are listed in just one category, but some older cards are listed in up to 3. The card buyer has the option of clicking one of these links to review cards sharing the same category as the one shown.

There are other links on the Card Details Page worth noting:

Purchasing Steps for Shoppers