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GCU All Cards Page Basics

It's helpful to get familiar with the ALL CARDS page. Why? Because, on one page, it presents each of the 7 main categories, the list of associates subcategories, and the number of cards in each. It is useful to spend several hours browsing all the links on this page to see really the number of lower level categories for each. Some categories go down 5 or more levels.

The 7 Main Categories are:

As you add cards, you will be choosing categories under these 7 main headings. There are 1000s, and you are allowed to pick up to two per card.

Also on the ALL CARDS page, there are several large subcategories listed. These are shown due to their popularity and include:

The Wedding Party Invitation category is listed first because GCU has become THE GREETING CARD SOURCE for such cards. Brides and Grooms come to GCU to order cards for Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Groomsman, and many other areas relating to their Wedding Party. Many couples also return to GCU to send out Thank You cards to their Wedding Party. The Wedding Party Thank You cards are a located under Occasions>>Thank You.

IMPORTANT TIP: One of the early frustrations new artists have at GCU is attempting to place their cards in categories that might make sense to them but are not ideal. Please read this TIP on the TIPS PAGE.